Welcome to Maine Masonry!

Freemasonry in Maine has 185 lodges spread from our 'rockbound coast' with its gorgeous lighthouses, delicious Maine lobster so different from the rest of the world, and astounding natural beauty to the edges of our endless woods, much of it unseen by human eyes for decades with scenic vistas filled with moose, bear, deer and so much more. Maine offers something for every interest - and Maine Masonry is an active part of it all.

We share a Brotherhood that's as strong as family and as current as the next Tweet! Freemasons are active participants in community activities and if you're 'from away' having found (or re-found) Vacationland, you'll soon learn that - like Masons the world over - you're part of a Brotherhood that welcomes you.

Check our calendar for activities: you'll be glad you did! Thank you for visiting.

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Attention Genealogists

Our membership records from 1820 through 1995 can be found here in PDF format. We've also included some information to assist you in understanding them. Good luck!

Community Betterment

Masonic Lodges in Maine can secure matching grants through the Maine Masonic Charitable Foundation to assist in their community charitable endeavors. More information here.

Bikes for Books

Learn more about how this program works to encourage children to read.  Download the Bikes for Books order form in XLS spreadsheet format