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The Grand Lodge of Maine Masonic Musuem, located in Holden, Supported by the Maine Masonic Charitable Foundation, it seeks to preserve the rich history of Masonic activity in Maine from the time of the first lodge here, well before Maine statehood, on through the present day.

Many Masonic lodges maintain small displays of objects appropriate to their history in their lodge buildings. The Grand Lodge Musuem, however, attempts to gather artifacts from all locations and all periods of history.

Regrettably, over more than two centuries, little attention was paid to this facet of our past. Perhaps the thinking was 'We'll remember that, certainly....' - but we don't. By Constitution, the Grand Secretary had been responsible for the Museum as part of his many duties but there was scant available time or space to devote to this endeavor. Although a museum had existed in name for many decades, it was not until the mid-2000s that a Mason was appointed to gather up items and devote attention to ensuring their preservation. However, without guidance and support (or even the place to properly arrange displays in the Grand Lodge offices then in Portland), the task fell by the wayside.

However, with the move to Holden and the opportunity for a display area, we now are engaged in creating a true 'Museum' that will tell the story of Freemasonry in Maine. The impetus has been strengthened when in 2015 the duties of Museum Curator were added to the office of Grand Librarian. Procedures and protocols are being established and we want this to be a showcase that all of Maine++++++++ Masonry will be proud to see and show.

Right now, we've got a lot of 'trinkets' set out for display. As we move forward, however, the plan is to have a full and complete history of our past as well as a display pointing to our future, illustrated by meaningful objects that will tell the story of the many, many men and their lodges which helped to make Maine the great state it is today. We'll also be putting pictures online so those from around the world can view and learn.

Do you have objects that might help us tell this story? If so, please speak with the Grand Secretary or Grand Librarian. Your object might even qualify you for a tax deduction. As members of the Masonic Library and Museum Association, our goal is that of superior interpretation and we're beginning the move towards that now!

As time goes on, we'll be adding a photo gallery of some of our most distinguished and interesting objects for your enjoyment. Interested in other Masonic Museums? We encourage you to visit the Scottish Rite's National Heritage Museum in Lexington, Massachusetts.

In furtherance of our goal to tell the story of the Craft in Maine, The Grand Lodge Library & Museum is a member of the Masonic Library & Museum Association, the Maine Library Association, and the Maine Archives & Museum Association as well as the Maine Genealogical Society , and the National Genealogical Society.


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