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A Handbook for all Masons

The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Maine 2001

Copyright © The Grand Lodge of Maine 2001

First Edition



In 1996 the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts published a Member's Handbook. I am grateful to Most Worshipful Fred K. Bauer for granting me permission to adapt that Handbook for use in Maine. Sections dealing with the broad scope and work of Freemasonry are largely unchanged. I have made this Handbook Maine specific by making adaptations when necessary to conform to our Masonic law, organization, procedures and customs. In this rewrite, I appreciate the input of M.W. Walter M. Macdougall, who completely redrafted Chapter III, of R.W. Jack Lagerquist, R.W. Claire V. Tusch, R.W. Robert R. Landry and the members of the Masonic Education Committee: R.W. David A. Walker, R.W. George M. A. Macdougall, R.W. Richard L. Bowden, R.W. Peter M. Baker and R.W. Howard B. Ellis, III. I hope this Handbook will be useful to every Maine Mason.

Yours in Service to the Craft,

Wayne T. Adams
Grand Master of Masons in Maine



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